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Party delegates angry as candidates bribe them with fake cash (watch)

Some Nigerian politicians have outsmarted party delegates by allegedly buying their votes with bundles of counterfeit cash.

According to reports, the incident has enraged some of the swindled delegates, who have taken to denouncing the con candidates.

On Tuesday, May 31, former Special Assistant to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Henry Nwazuruahu (Henry Shield) revealed this spectacular incidence.

In a tweet on his Twitter page, Nwazuruahu said that the counterfeit cash bundles were intended to entice delegates during a party’s primary.

The delegates’ bundles of dollars were combined with bogus notes, according to, and it was only discovered after the bag holding the currency was transferred to Bureau De Change (BDC) operators to change it to naira for them.

Nwazuruahu couldn’t imagine that contenders for office could deceive delegates in such a spectacular way.

His tweet has provoked amusing responses on Twitter, with some users claiming that it serves the delegates well because they are always taking bribes to vote for people who do not deserve the positions they want.

BDC personnel unloading the piles of dollars before recognizing that not all of them were genuine, according to a video uploaded on Twitter by @drjeff60.

Bribing delegates to get elected is not uncommon among political party candidates in Nigeria. It’s the way things are done in Ghana, and the richest bidder wins the election without merit.

In January this year, a former Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways, who is also a former New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Ejisu, said that he paid GHC5,000 to each of the 600 party delegates during the 2020 parliamentary primary, which he lost bitterly.

Despite his defeat as a result of the large non-refundable bribe given to the delegates, Kwabena Owusu Aduomi found solace in the fact that politics is “a game for the bold,” according to him.

Then, in the same party’s ongoing Regional Executives election, one of the defeated contestants in the Ashanti Region, Robert Asare Bediako, has said that he paid GH¢1,000 to each delegate on election day. The former Asokwa Chairman, who contested the Ashanti Regional Chairmanship position, disclosed that he would have won the election but his close contenders were the highest bidders.

“While I was paying each delegate GH1,000, I felt I would win,” he told Kumasi’s Akoma FM, “but some paid more than me, therefore the delegates also fell in to the highest bidder, and the trend of monetization in our body politics is quite frightening.”

Similar anecdotes abound in Ghana’s elections, which take place at all levels and include all political parties.

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