Parliament approves €135m for construction of Suame Interchange

For the design and construction of phase 1 of the Suame Interchange and related road projects in Suame in the Ashanti Region, the Parliament has approved a €135 million facility.

“Those in favor, please say aye; all opposed, please say no. The motion has been approved by the House, according to the Speaker.

Some irate locals heckled the area’s MP and majority leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, last week due to the terrible condition of the roads.

The Majority Leader said during a Wednesday speech on the House floor that the Suame interchange roads’ inadequate design made the local traffic situation “awful.”

However, he issued a warning that the development will make the air more dusty and that locals must put up with the situation.

“I’m hoping that when the project is being built, the residents of Suame and Kumasi won’t utilize the scenario they complained about, particularly the production of dust, to impede the project’s progress…

I’m just suggesting that we prepare for it so that no one takes advantage of it or causes the contractor undue trouble,” he said.

Haruna Iddrisu, the minority leader, rallied his group to back the loan accord. He recalled that he had previously used the road and that its awful condition needed to be rectified right now.

“We concur, Mr. Speaker, with this proposal. This route is significant because I occasionally use it to bypass Kumasi on my way to my village by going through Techiman. Given the cost of modern building, I worry that the funds may not be sufficient. Prices have increased, contractors may need more resources depending on how much iron rods and cement they purchased when calculating their costs. I concur with the proposal and implore my colleagues to vote overwhelmingly in favor,” he stated.

A vehicle belonging to the MP for the Ashanti Region’s Suame constituency was reportedly attacked with sachet water and other objects including coconut husk on Monday, July 18.

Mr. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu acknowledged the irate locals’ complaints in an interview with JoyNews, noting that “they are not happy about the state of the roads, therefore if they see somebody in charge, obviously they would respond this way.”

The neighbors converged on him and began hurling objects his way; it required the prompt intervention of the Police to remove him to safety.

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