Packaging food with plastics must be stopped

“We urge you to use less plastic and, whenever possible, switch to glass or metal containers. Use compostable packaging in your operation and think about switching from plastic wrap to reusable alternatives like paper bags.

At a meeting with Caterers Associations in Accra, Mrs. Lydia Essuah, Director Policy Planning Monitoring Evaluation Division (DPPMED), Ministry of Environment Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI), said this.

The purpose of the gathering was to provide MESTI representatives a chance to inform caterers about the need to limit their usage of plastics and the impact that plastics have on the environment.

She warned the public against using and burning plastics by pointing out that inhaling plastic pollution could result in respiratory tract inflammations.

The National Plastics Management Policy (NPMP) and its implementation plan, according to Mrs. Essuah, were adopted by cabinet in May 2020. The NPMP’s main goals are to boost the economy, create jobs, and safeguard the environment in order to promote sustainable development.

The program, she continued, “aims to recover, recycle, and remanufacture plastic in order to gradually limit the usage of plastics.”

The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF), Mr. Emmanuel Frimpong, warned that plastics were damaging the environment and that if precautions were not taken, Ghana could have to import food and water in the future.

Therefore, he gave the person a task: to promise to use less plastic and protect the environment.

Nearly a million metric tonnes of plastic garbage are now produced in Ghana each year, with less than 10% being recycled.

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