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Over 100,000 foreign tourists expected in Ghana at Christmas

Over 100,000 foreign tourists are anticipated in the country in December of this year, according to Dr. Mohammed Awal, Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

The estimated revenue from these visitors is $200,000.

According to him, this will boost the creative industry’s reputation and assist more Ghanaians find employment.

He was addressing at the start of the National Festival of Arts and Culture’s (NAFAC) 60th anniversary celebrations at Cape Coast, Central Region. “Reviving patriotism, peace, and harmony through cultural diversity for sustainable development” is the festival’s overarching theme.

Dr. Awal expressed optimism about the influx of tourists into the nation during the holiday season, attributing this to the variety of fascinating and historic tourist destinations the nation is home to as well as the extremely hospitable nature of Ghanaians, who never fail to welcome visitors from other countries.

He remarked and asked all to assist maintain the nation’s cultural history, saying, “They are coming because we have rich diverse culture, Ghanaians are kind, and we have good heritage sites and tourism attractions.”

President Akufo-Addo noted during the festival’s opening that Ghana’s culture and creative sector had a great deal of potential to generate significant foreign exchange to contribute in development initiatives.

He continued by saying that among other investments made by the government in the industry, $10 million had been allocated to help roughly 1500 small and medium-sized firms grow and develop so that they might create jobs.

The government’s pledge, according to President Akufo-Addo, is also in accordance with Africa’s Agenda 2063, which includes a goal to use the continent’s cultural and creative industries for economic growth and transformation.

“Ghanaian life presents a creative story in every element. Through our clothes, we convey stories. Our art forms, music, movies, and festivals all depict our lives and our beliefs through stories. We’ve got a lot to say to the globe. We can turn our compelling story into the continent’s success tale, he remarked.

One of the signature events of the National Commission on Culture, which was institutionalized in 1961 by the late Dr. Alexander Atta Yaw Kyeremanten, is the National Festival of Arts and Culture.

The festival provides a venue where various Ghanaian cultures can come together to promote their ethnic and regional cultural prowess as well as bring Ghanaians’ values and beliefs together.

The festival, which started on December 10 and runs through tomorrow, December 16, featured events like a display of artwork from the 16 regional directorates of the Centre for National Culture, indigenous music nights, theater nights, women’s and girls’ days, colloquia, international friendship nights, and live band music nights, among others.

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