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Outrage as Disturbing video showing young Kabaddi players being served food in toilet goes viral

On social media earlier on Tuesday morning, a distressing video depicting the least hygienic way “Item 7” has ever been given surfaced.

In the video, a number of young girls can be seen helping themselves to rice, dal, and other meals from big containers that have been set on the ground.

The vessels’ proximity to a line of men’s urinals was the most disturbing aspect of the film.

A sheet of paper is also seen with a plate of pooris, or Indian fried bread, placed on top without a lid or cover.

A huge cooking pot found nearby suggests that the food may have even been prepared inside the toilet.

The Wire said that the strange incident allegedly occurred on September 16 at the sub-junior girls’ kabaddi competition at the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium in the Indian city of Bijapur. Karanataka.

From September 16 to September 18, the event was held, and more than 300 participants from 16 different state divisions participated.

The source, however, has not been able to independently confirm the legitimacy of the video as of the publication of this story.

However, the frightening video has now sparked a flood of very negative comments on social media.

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