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Okyeman Taskforce denied Land guard allegation

Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association allegations that the Ofori Panin Fie has land guards terrorizing land owners near Teacher Mantey and its enclave have been rejected by the Okyeman Land Protection Force.

Okyeman Akwansrahene Baffour Asiedu Bekoe stated during a media conference that the Okyeman Land Protection Force is a well-established taskforce with the responsibility of preventing theft from occurring on any Stool lands at Okyeman.

He said that the taskforce’s existence and purpose had been communicated to the relevant security authorities.

Okyeman taskforce denies claim made by land guard
According to Baffour Asiedu Bekoe, Section 39 of the Criminal Offences Act, Act 29, enables legitimate property owners to use reasonable force on their own or through their representatives to prevent theft.

According to him, it would be suicide for the current generation to stand by while people steal and sell their land without regard for custom and culture because the Okyeman Stool lands were won by the labor and blood of their ancestors and through conquest.

He gave notice to Ghanaians and investors interested in purchasing land near the River Densu, Teacher Mante, Dome Faaso, Kwenyaako, and Jejeti, informing them that they are Okyeman Stool Lands and that any transaction made without the Okyenhene’s permission is invalid.

Okyeman taskforce denies claim made by land guard
He claimed that, with relation to the alienation of lands in Ghana in particular, the Okyeman Land Protection Force is merely upholding the rules on Immovable Property.

There is now conflict between the Okyeman Land Protection Force and the Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association over a few acres of land that KOANS Building Solution at Teacher Mante allocated to the scrap dealers.

While the scrap dealers assert that they purchased the 50-acre block of land from KOANS, another private party who had been living on the property before KOANS sold it has also produced registration papers bearing the seals of Ofori Panin Fie and the Lands Commission.

Due to the development, a fence wall that the scrap dealers had built to intrude on the territory of the other party was destroyed.

Okyeman taskforce denies claim made by land guard
If their fence wall is not rebuilt within a few weeks, the scrap traders have already given notice that they will take action.

According to the Akyem Apapam Akwansrahene, Nana Baah, the land from the River Densu via Teacher Mante, Dome-Faase, Kwenyaako, and Jejeti is considered to be Okyeman Stool Lands, and any transaction made without the approval of the Ofori Panin Fie is void.

He declared that Nananom, with the help of the Okyeman Land Protection Force, would not permit anyone to claim the Okyeman Stool as their own.

Any intruder will be dealt with in accordance with the law, he said.

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