Oboy Siki’s advice to the youth: Don’t marry if you live in a single room

Controversial Oboy Siki, a Kumawood actor who goes by Nana Ofori Agyemang in real life, advises males living alone not to consider getting married because such unions are prone to dissolution.

“Don’t get married if you’re a young man living alone. The marriage ends prematurely, Oboy Siki counseled in a conversation on Ghanaman TV.

According to Oboy Siki, if a couple shares a room, they may see each other regularly after the lady gives birth, and since the child is constantly close to the furniture in the room, it’s conceivable the new baby would ruin it.

He believes that renting a separate home for a wife is the greatest option because it enables the man to have side girls and, if feasible, a second wife.

“This does not contribute to a happy marriage. In order to accommodate the woman, you must rent a separate home until you can construct your own, he advised “Ka Na Wu” host Nana Yeboah.

He continued, “The main reason for most dissolved marriages is being married in a single room.

He added that it is difficult for males to have side women or two wives, which is the ideal situation, when they share a room.

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