Oboy Siki: Akufo-Addo is killing us with hunger, we’re now experiencing 1983 famine

The controversial actor criticized the NPP government for causing famine in Ghanaians during an exclusive interview with Ghanaman TV, which Modernghana News watched.

“Right now, the NPP is starving Ghanaians to death. This is a reenactment of the famine in Ghana in 1983, which claimed many lives. The current financial crisis and skyrocketing food costs are the famine of 1983’s little brother, according to Oboy Siki.

The difference between now and the famine in 1983, he continued, is that there is enough food to be purchased, but Ghanaians lack the funds to do so. This one has food, but we lack the funds to purchase it.

Oboy Siki will never let the Ashantis, who he believed cast the largest number of NPP votes, off the hook.

“When you discuss these topics, people find it difficult to understand you. We are too nave. We vote one way, which is dumb on our part. If Asantes refuses to vote for the NPP, this administration will fall. They have nothing to brag about after you voted for them,” he fumed.

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