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NRSA to deploy undercover operatives to check road safety compliance

The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has announced that as the holiday season approaches, it will send undercover agents to board commercial cars as passengers to verify that safety laws are being followed.

This information is provided in a regulatory alert to all commercial transport operators on the implementation of the use of log books when operating intercity relay vehicles.

The National Road Safety Authority’s Director of Regulation, Inspection, and Compliance, Kwame Koduah Atuahene, stated that the operatives will be stationed at the main highways across the nation in an interview that was broadcast on Joy FM’s Midday News on Monday.

He claims that the undercover agents’ duties will include keeping an eye on “driver behavior and giving the authority real-time input.”

The authority would collaborate closely with the Ghana Police Service on this project at significant highway checkpoints, according to Mr. Koduah Atuahene.

“The Authority plans to use mystery passengers on several of these routes; these are guys who join the journeys in plain clothes…

We will act on the information provided by our mystery passengers if we get confirmation that something unpleasant has occurred, he said.

This action aims to lower the number of annual traffic fatalities.

Road traffic accidents for the first half of 2022 have decreased by 4% compared to the same time in 2021, according to NSRA data.

The success is credited to media advocacy and increased sensitization programs.

The Multimedia Group, especially JoyNews has been spearheading safety campaigns in its bid to help reduce the carnages on our roads.

According to data from the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), 6,472 road traffic accident reports were made between January and May 2022, compared to 6,789 over the same time period in 2021.

The NRSA reports that there has been a 4.67 percent decrease in road traffic accidents nationwide between 2022 and 2021.

According to the data, there were 8.8% fewer people killed in traffic accidents from January to May of this year than there were during the same period last year.

Between January and May of this year, 1,140 people died in traffic accidents, compared to 1,250 during the same time previous year.

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