BBC’s Peter Okwoche: M.anifest is the best African lyricist with carefully crafted songs

According to the veteran journalist, the rapper is the best lyricist on the African continent.

Peter claims that the content of the five albums by the Grammy-winning rapper aims to inspire young people and the African continent as a whole.

According to the broadcaster, “His five albums have been characterized as deliberately and deftly phrased poems to youth and personal development, as well as a social commentary on African and global politics.”

In his interview with the prominent rapper for the BBC World News program of Friday, September 2, he queries the sources of inspiration for the insightful phrases in his rap song.

I started by asking him what he uses as his writing muse when he visited our studio because he was there for a few concerts at the time.

“My muse, It evolves over time but definitely, it’s taking the world in. Whether it’s through reading, listening watching, speaking, that’s constantly my muse. Sort of interacting with the world actively,” M.anifest reflected. He added,“And also being an active knowledge seeker.”

After asking, “so it’s all about positivity for you and how to improve yourself into a better person,” the well-known international broadcaster concluded.

Watch full interview below:

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