Nkechi Blessing Sunday: I’ve money so I won’t get married, I’ll just buy a man and use him like a puppy (video)

However Miss Nkechi did not minimize the necessity of a guy in every woman’s life. She simply isn’t prepared to be under any man’s influence.

She thinks that because of her wealth, she can command any man to fulfill her lust whenever she wants.

The well-known actress responded “no” when asked if she believes marriage is required, adding that “no one in this life has ever claimed dem won’t get married. I can easily get a man who speaks English with the little change I have.

“I can buy a man and bring him into my house with ease. When I instruct him to sit down there, he will stay until I tell him to leave.

Her narration makes it evident that she has experienced grief and abandonment from a guy, which is why she despises marriage.

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