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Nigerian police suspends two officers in viral Tiktok video

The Nigeria Police Force has suspended two Supernumerary Police Officers due to misconduct.

Due to their improper behavior and violations of the Force’s social media policy, the officers Obaze Blessing and Obaze Emmanuella Uju were placed on administrative leave.

The police, who are biological sisters, came to public attention about two weeks ago when TikTok footage of them in bikinis and uniforms went viral.

On August 3, the younger sister published several steamy images with her elder sister on her TikTok account while complaining that she missed her.

After appearing on Twitter and Instagram two weeks ago, the videos quickly gained popularity.

Their TikTok following then increased as they overnight acquired over 500000 new followers.

The TikTok account has since vanished.

In the first image she posted, they were dressed in all-black police uniforms and posed in front of a station.

The women appeared in bikinis in a different image as they enjoyed themselves at the beach.

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the force’s public relations officer, announced in a statement on Friday that the officers were suspended immediately.

The two are acting in violation of the Police Act of 2020 and the Inspector-General of Police’s 2013 Nigeria Police Guidelines for Recruitment, Promotion, and Discipline of Supernumerary Police (SPY), according to the Force.

It is crucial to note that, in accordance with Section 25 (2) and (3) of the Police Act of 2020 and the Nigerian Police Guidelines for Recruitment, Promotion, and Disciplinary Procedures for Supernumerary Police (SPY), issued by the Inspector-General of Police (Guidelines for SPYs), the SPY police are not allowed to wear uniforms if they hold a rank higher than Assistant Superintendent of Police. Similar to this, current legislation defines the Supernumerary uniform.

“Contrary to the code governing the SPY service, the suspended supernumerary officers, Obaze Blessing with SPY number 5709 and Obaze Emmanuella Uju with SPY number 5708, decked themselves out in traditional police officers’ clothes. One of them dressed similarly and displayed the title of Superintendent of Police, which is against the law.

“Most importantly, they presented themselves in the popular video and other films as unruly and unprofessional, in violation of the Police Social Media Policy, with activities that glorified illicit wealth and immoral behavior, which has drawn widespread criticism from the general public.

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