Nigerian comedian Oga Sabinus involved in accident

Oga Sabinus, a well-known comedian from Nigeria named Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, was hurt in a collision on Sunday.

According to rumors, the comedian was traveling in his just purchased Benz when a drunk driver struck him.

The car’s front was severely damaged in images and videos that quickly gained popularity on social media, and the bonnet was completely destroyed.

As bystanders flocked to the accident scene, Sabinus could be seen standing by the automobile and inspecting the damage.

Sabinus reassured his followers and supporters on social media that he was secure and unharmed.

He continued by thanking the supporters for keeping tabs on him and for being concerned about his wellbeing.

Oga Sabinus, a comedian from Nigeria, was hurt in a collision
Sabinus urged people to refrain from driving after drinking in another tweet.

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