Netflix: Saudi Arabia and GCC warn streaming giant over LGBTQ+ content

According to Saudi media, the Gulf governments have ordered that Netflix remove any content that they perceive to be against “Islamic and societal values and principles.”

In a statement, media watchdogs from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council cautioned that recent content, including those intended for children, violated laws.

It gave no additional information.

However, Saudi state television aired hazy excerpts of the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous animation series, in which two adolescent females declare their love for one another and share a kiss.

The program by Al Ekhbariya TV included clips from the contentious French film Cuties and a caption accusing Netflix of serving as “cinematic cover for immoral themes that jeopardize the healthy upbringing of youngsters.”

The streaming service was allegedly “promoting homosexuality by focusing extensively on homosexuals,” according to a different video on Al Ekhbariya’s website.

The station also spoke with a number of well-known individuals who made comparable allegations and urged the authorities to act right away.

According to a joint statement from the Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media and the GCC Committee of Electronic Media Officials, “[Netflix] was informed to delete this content, particularly content geared towards children, and to ensure adherence to the regulations.”

The authorities cautioned that “in the event that the infringing content continues to be aired, the required legal measures would be taken” and that they would monitor compliance with the instructions.

Netflix didn’t immediately respond to the charges.

Although there are no laws in the Sunni Muslim-dominated kingdom of Saudi Arabia governing sexual orientation or gender identity, extramarital sex, including homosexual sex, is legally forbidden.

Consensual same-sex sexual activity is punishable by death or flogging under the country’s interpretation of Islamic law, depending on how serious the offense is deemed to be.

After Disney declined a request from Saudi authorities to remove what they called “LGBTQ references,” the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was not shown in Saudi Arabian theaters in April.

Additionally, the same-sex kiss in the animated movie Lightyear apparently led to its prohibition in the kingdom and the United Arab Emirates in June.

In the meantime, Saudi authorities have accused YouTube of allowing “inappropriate advertisements” that go against Islamic principles.

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