Neighbour rescues 13 women held hostage for six months

Months after going missing, thirteen young ladies who were kidnapped in Zambia by unidentified individuals have been found.

The women, who range in age from 17 to 28, include a mobile money booth operator who rose to fame after a video of her screaming for mercy while seeming to be hit with a metal rod went viral approximately six months ago.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom.

Police initiated a manhunt, but it was fruitless.

But on Monday, one of the hostages was able to scale a wall of the residence holding them in the capital city of Lusaka’s Chalala neighborhood.

Following her warning, neighbors entered to rescue the remaining ladies.

The first person to attend to the distress call was Robby Chitambo, who organized his pals to break into the residence and then described what he witnessed in graphic detail.

He claimed that before alerting the police, who then came at the location, he discovered a casket, used condoms, and sanitary pads inside the residence.

“By taking the ladies out, we assisted the ladies. They each have pregnancies. Inside the house, we discovered a shrine and a coffin. He said, “There were condoms, pads, and charms everywhere.

Lemmy Kajoba, the Inspector General of Police, stated in a statement that each casualty was brought to a hospital.

He claimed they had detained a suspect who was assisting the police in their inquiries.

Social media users in Zambia have praised the development.

What is Zambia’s equivalent of a knighthood? Whatever it is, it’s obvious that #RobbyChitambo is a good fit, according to a Twitter user.

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