Nana Aba Anamoah: Fuel station managers fill my tank for free

The well-known Ghanaian broadcaster has said that whenever the station management see her, she doesn’t pay to fill up at the gas station. She revealed this after asking her Twitter followers whether they would like to be affluent with a terrible reputation or poor with a good one.

A Twitter user going by the handle @brytepeprah replied to her post with, “Hi my name is Nana Aba, I want gob3 GHC20, but I have no money. Have you ever had success with that?

In response to a Twitter follower, the general manager of GHOne Television described how she often receives food and clothing for free just by using her identity, so she doesn’t have to pay for them.

“My expenses for food and clothing are minimal. If I run into the manager at the gas station, they’ll fill up my tank right away. In response to your query, yes, it consistently works for me. I don’t even talk,” she wrote in a tweet.

Many people have been surprised by this, especially because the majority of Ghanaians have been moaning about the country’s rising fuel prices. MzVee is one of the many famous Ghanaians who have spoken out against the rising hardship and petrol costs in Ghana under the NPP administration.


The Ghanaian performer claims that she is also being affected by the skyrocketing prices of goods and services over the past several years.

In an exclusive interview with pulse.com.gh, the singer of “You Alone” said “In Ghana, suffering has undoubtedly worsened. Since the ongoing conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, Ghana has been among the top 5 nations “.

She states that “everything has been increased” and adds that compared to a few years ago, the cost of fuel for her automobile has jumped by more than 100%.

It’s difficult in Ghana, she admitted, “I used to fill my tank for approximately GH300, but now I fill it for close to GH700.” MzVee stated, “I don’t have a positive take on E-Levy because I feel like it’s a double taxing situation,” when asked about the recently implemented electronic levy.

Given that Nana Aba is one of Ghana’s most well-liked celebrities, she might need to show MzVee how to get free fuel.

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