South African based Ghanaian: My wife threatened to commit suicide if I don’t leave Ghana

Abraham Acheampong, a Ghanaian living in South Africa, has disclosed that following his terrible time in Asia, his wife threatened to kill herself if he did not leave the country.

After his terrible experiences in Thailand and Malaysia, Mr. Acheampong said in an interview with SVTV Africa that he had made the decision to come back home. But because of the embarrassment, his wife vowed to poison herself.

His wife thought it would be shameful to return home with nothing to settle. He arrived in Ghana as a result and did not return to his family.

“I stayed with a buddy at Techiman for a bit since I was too shy to go back home. I called my wife to let her know I was in Ghana and would be returning shortly, but she threatened to commit suicide if I came.

My in-laws persuaded me to stay put and promised to assist me in locating a new country to relocate to. I spent six months there and hired another “connection man” to go to South Africa,” he said.

He mentioned his stay overseas and how he had been let down by a travel agent. Mr. Acheampong said he was traveling to Thailand but had to stop in Malaysia to get a visa. He claimed that West Africans were turned away from Thailand because authorities believed many of them to be drug traffickers.

“We were also refused admission, although the refusal was mainly for Nigerians; some Nigerians were using Ghanaian passports. They frequently carry Ghanaian passports. They are damaging Ghana’s reputation overseas.

“I made the decision to go back to Malaysia, but I ran out of money and was unable to call Ghana internationally from Myanmar. I spent two weeks sleeping in the Myanmar airport while I awaited money to purchase a ticket to Malaysia. For a visa, I had to change the date on the plane ticket, Mr. Acheampong claimed on Daily Hustle Worldwide.

He remarked that there weren’t many positions open to foreigners in Malaysia. He decided to go back to Ghana because some Ghanaians had lived there for more than 20 years without finding decent, well-paying work.

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