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My penis fell off and I threw it in the trash – A 47-year-old father shares a horrible experience.

After his penis, which had fallen off six years earlier, was replaced, a 47-year-old said, "I feel like a genuine man again."

When Malcolm MacDonald of Thetford, Norfolk, spoke to Channel 4 for the documentary The Man With a Penis on His Arm, he couldn’t disguise his delight.

In 2014, he had a long-term perineum infection between the scrotum and the anus.

The infection resulted in a boil the size of a tennis ball that “swelled up and exploded” before evolving into sepsis, a life-threatening infection reaction.

“My toes started going black, my penis started going black,” Malcolm said, recounting his ordeal. It slipped off when I went to the bathroom.”

Consider how upsetting and terrifying it would be to see your manhood crumble. Malcolm had the bravery to pick up the dislodged penis and toss it in the trash.

“I simply took it up and threw it in the rubbish since I had gone through the anguish of knowing I was about to lose it,” he explained to

When Malcom sought medical help, physicians informed him that all he had to do was roll up the little stump “like a sausage roll.”

Because he regarded himself as a “ghost of a man,” he lost hope, became unhappy, and turned to booze.

Professor David Ralph, a specialist in phallus building at London’s University College Hospital, came highly recommended by Malcom.

The “penis master,” according to reports, constructed a penis out of Malcolm’s arm tissue.

Malcom was supposed to have surgery to restore his penis in 2015, but it was transplanted to his arm owing to a shortage of oxygen in his blood, according to the news site.

He has, however, finally corrected his ‘joystick.’

“Can you picture having a penis dangling on your arm for six years? It’s been a nightmare, but it’s finally gone — the little bugger,” he exclaimed, relieved.

“The operation lasted nine hours.” I looked down first and thought to myself, ‘Oh my days.’ This time they got it’.

“I’m back to feeling like a true man.”

According to reports, Malcom will be able to have intercourse in the future thanks to a pump in his scrotum that will fill it with a saline solution.

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