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My life is under threat: Man who was used for NABCO billboard cries

The life of a young man whose picture appeared on a billboard promoting the Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) is in jeopardy, according to him.

Following his run for the governing party, Nicholas Teye asserted that many now hold him responsible for the current economic difficulties Ghanaians are experiencing.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) campaign went viral, and the party ultimately won the presidential election, according to the 35-year-old who claims that his life is in danger.

The senior high school teacher claimed that anytime he wants to leave his house out of fear of being seen and attacked, he disguises himself by donning a nose mask and a cap.

My main obstacle is the danger. In order to disguise myself, I have to wear a nasal mask and maybe a cap if I have to go outside.

Sometimes, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I won’t leave the room because I’m worried about what might happen to me if I do. They become enraged and want to beat you as soon as they see you because you are a contributing factor to their agony. They may occasionally threaten you over the phone.

On TV3, he said, “My wife will sometimes tell me where I’m going; if I have the money, I should take Uber.”

The teacher indicated that he was not told that his photo will be used for a campaign billboard. He said he was paid ¢300 for the advert. Narrating why his face was on a campaign billboard for the governing party, he said as a NABCO beneficiary, he was told that their photos were being used for calendars and magazines and not for the campaign and there is a reward of ¢300 attached to it.

He complained that he was not made aware of the requirement to sign a document authorizing the use of his image for the NPP 2020 campaign before receiving the $300.

“When I saw the letter, I was furious because I urged them to notify me in advance before taking the picture, so I refused to sign and walked away.

“When I went home, my wife and the person who gave me money to cover the cost of the NABCO training advised me to go after the money…

I went and signed for the 300 later,” he emphasized.


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