My girlfriend enjoys watching me have sex with other women-Michael Blackson Reveals (video)

Popular American-Ghanaian comedian, Michael Blackson, has made some shocking revelations about his fiancée Rada's fetish.

Michael Blackson has shared some interesting details about his and Rada Darling’s relationship, including calling her a freak and revealing that she loves seeing him “go down with other women.”


The 49-year-old comedian and his fiancee, Rada, got engaged last year in 2021, and their relationship has been in the news continuously owing to the nature of their relationship.


In an interview with Raquel Harper on It’s Tricky, Michael Blackson shared this surprising insight. He said that Rada is a “freak” and recalled times when their connection had more individuals engaged.


“Rada, my daughter, is a weirdo.” He added, “She loved watching me sleep with ladies earlier in the relationship… she did!”

“In reality, what makes her cum [is] when I tell her what I did with the last person when we’re having sex.”


Despite his ambitions to marry Rada, the comedian has kept his plans to have other women a secret.


Michael said that his fiancée has been allowed to have one side chic every month, despite his adamant refusal to allow her to have a side chic from him.


The American comedian who now resides in Ghana made headlines lately when he applied to be the principal of his school in Nsaba, Ghana’s central region. The comedian announced this on his Twitter page in the early hours of June 1, 2022.

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