Musk says Twitter usage is ‘at an all-time high,’ but a report shows that more than 1 million accounts have been deactivated or suspended since his takeover

Using Twitter is “at an all-time high lol,” Musk tweeted on Monday, adding that he hopes the servers do not melt.

Posted by Elon Musk on November 8, 2022

On Monday, research company Apptopia informed Insider’s Kali Hays that since Musk took control of the business, both the average daily downloads of Twitter and the average daily usage had increased.


The director of content at Apptopia, Adam Blacker, compared it to a traffic collision on a motorway. People enjoy pausing to observe.

The Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing an email sent to select advertisers, that Twitter’s daily user growth also apparently reached “all-time highs” amid the Elon Musk takeover controversy.

Last week, according to the FT, the social media’s monetizable daily user growth increased by more than 20% from a year prior. Twitter reported 237.8 million monetizable daily users in the second quarter of 2022, up 16.6% year over year.

The email reviewed by the FT states that “Twitter’s largest market, the US, is growing even more swiftly.”

But the news is far from entirely positive for Twitter.

The business has fired thousands of workers, and it is losing customers. Due to worries about Twitter’s new leadership and the controversy surrounding Musk’s acquisition, some advertisers have paused their advertising on the platform.

After Musk’s acquisition, more than 1.3 million users stopped using Twitter, according to a report by Bot Sentinel, an independent platform that monitors targeted harassment and disinformation on Twitter.

Some of those individuals, including well-known people like Sara Bareilles and Shonda Rhimes, chose to stop using Twitter on their own, but other accounts were either suspended or deleted. Actors and celebrities whose Twitter names were altered to “Elon Musk” are among the accounts that have been suspended and deleted.

Musk declared on Monday that “any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without explicitly stating ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended.”

Insider’s request for comment from Twitter did not immediately receive a response.

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