Mr Henrie: Excessively bleaching women are not good in bed.

“Where, though, is the lie? Is this a lie? You wouldn’t want to sleep with a woman who bleaches a lot, right? “At the Rolex Festival, he addressed the cheering crowd.

After she broke up with singer George Williams Kigozi, better known by his stage name Geosteady, Mr. Henrie began dating Kardash, who is older than him.

The singer, 32, and she are parents to two children. After Geosteady backed out of their planned wedding, which she was anxiously anticipating, they split up. She added that the crooner had been unfaithful to her.

In the month following their split in 2020, the singer of “Owooma” was approached by Mr. Henrine.

As they delightedly posted photos of their joyful moments on social media, their relationship was a source of admiration for their adoring fans.

Kardash later traveled to Dubai in June 2021 to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival, where she met South African-born socialite Medi Moore. It appeared as though she hadn’t left Kampala with a partner.

She threw Mr. Henrie under the bus when she got back to Uganda, emphasizing the point by removing all of their joint photos from her social media.

She admitted that the radio DJ was a fallback chump in a subsequent media interview, saying that she needed someone to cry on after splitting up with Geosteady, the father of her two children.

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