Most Nigerian guys don’t want me, they want my dad – DJ Cuppy on relationship struggles

The professional name of Nigerian disc jockey Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola is DJ Cuppy, and she has opened up about the difficulties of dating a billionaire’s daughter.

According to DJ Cuppy in an interview, many of the men she has started dating are more into her rich father Femi Otedola than they are into her.

She argued that she didn’t want to be in a relationship where the focus was on her father rather than the bond they were forging.

“Back home, I feel like a lot of guys want my dad instead of me. They simply adore my dad. When I just met a guy, he immediately inquired about my plans to meet his father. I was stunned. DJ Cuppy said.

“I’ve met males in the UK; when I tell them I’m from Nigeria, they ask me what village I’m from, and I know the person is not truly Nigerian,” she continued. My dad would be like a byproduct of someone loving me a lot and being happy for me.

DJ Cuppy has previously discussed her challenges in relationships and the qualities she values in a mate.

She had mentioned before in August 2022 that she sought a mate who would enhance her.

In an Instagram post, DJ Cuppy stated, “I genuinely think I have to find a partner that compliments me but still pushes me and is better at some things than I am, so they can encourage me to improve myself as a person.”

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