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Moment lion bit off fingers of caretaker attempting to create a show (Video)

In a horrifying video, a lion chewed off a zookeeper’s finger after he put his hand into the animal’s cage.

Visitors were terrified when the lion chomped down on the man’s hand, leaving him in agony.

The disturbing occurrence was verified by the Jamaica Zoo, who stated they are “assisting” the guy in the viral video.

The video of the bite has gone viral, and the animal park has promised to act to prevent “future occurrences.”
The video shows the guy, who the zoo describes as a “contractor,” disregarding the lion’s roar.

He appeared to be teasing the snarling beast by stroking its face and putting his fingers in his mouth.

The worker tempts fate by shoving his palm into the lion’s jaws once more, exposing its huge teeth and snarling.
Then, when the enormous cat chomps down, everything goes awry.

As the lion clutched his middle finger, the guy anxiously tried to draw his hand back.


With his left hand, he clutches his right arm and tries to pry himself free from the cage.


He pushes back, bracing himself against the concrete block section of the barrier with his foot.

And his finger is ripped off and left with the lion – and it’s unclear what happened next to the damaged digit.

“The acts depicted in a video by a contractor to Jamaica Zoo are unfortunate and do not represent the safety protocols and rules that must be adhered to at all times,” the park said in a statement to Jamaica News.


The zoo said that they are aiding the man and that they hope people would continue to show their support.


“At the time, I believed it was a joke.” One witness told The Jamaica Observer, “I didn’t realize the significance of it since it’s their duty to put on a show.”

The zoo, which is near Santa Cruz, claimed it was unaware of the occurrence, but the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is looking into it.


“We will be heading down there,” said managing director Pamela Lawson, “and I will be interacting with the National Environment and Planning Agency, which has jurisdiction over Jamaica Zoo.”

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