Moment a woman leaps from a moving motorcycle to escape a kidnapper at Ejura

A woman from Ejura risked her life by leaping from a speeding motorcycle to prevent her alleged abductor from bringing her to an unidentified location.

After the terrifying jump at the major lorry station in Ejura, the victim, Diana Yorta, suffered bruises on her right knee and right elbow. She is presently responding to treatment.

The woman leaped off the motorbike, and the putative kidnapper—whose name is still unknown to the police—sped away. Police are looking into what happened.

She described her story to the Ejura Police, saying that at 10:30 am on August 11, 2022, a particular scrap merchant offered her a free lift from Brigade at Ejura to another area.

She claimed that although she originally turned down the man’s offer of a free ride, she later consented after the scrap dealer persisted in trying to convince her.

She claims that when she arrived at her intended destination, the junk dealer refused to stop the motorbike so she could get off, leading her to get suspicious and jump into the major town of Ejura.

The woman is recovering, according to a police report seen by the DAILY GUIDE, which also added that steps were being taken to find the alleged kidnapper.

“On August 11, 2022, at 1100 hours, Dina Yorta of Zongo North, Ejura, came to the station and said that today, at 1030 hours, she was returning from Brigade, Ejura when she met a young man on a motorbike who is a scrap dealer and who stopped to pick her up, but she declined the offer.

“That the rider demanded she join and eventually gave in. When they arrived at their destination, she motioned for the rider to stop, but he instead sped up.

According to the police report, “that when arriving at the lorry station in Ejura main town, she grew suspicious of his movement and, fearing being abducted, leapt off the bike and sustained bruises on her right knee and right elbow in the presence of witnesses.”

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