MOG opens up: 28 days of prayer and fasting couldn’t stop me from masturbation (VIDEO)

Ghanaian Gospel singer, MOG Music, has opened up on dealing with masturbation addiction. According to him, even fasting and deliverance couldn't stop him.

The performer, whose true name is Nana Yaw Boakye, admitted that he first tried masturbation when he was younger. He confessed to have engaged in masturbation while attending Adisadel College on the Delay Show.

“In form 2, I committed my life to Christ. When I returned home and a different buddy showed up to introduce me to masturbating while I was still a virgin, I changed, although I still had a few bad boy features “MOG related.

“The need to masturbate increased when I devoted my life to Christ, albeit it wasn’t intense throughout my time in secondary school. So even though I had a new birth, it was what was really going on, and it was really severe “He told Delay.

He said further that “I visited the university’s prayer secretary, who suggested I fast and pray for seven days, but it didn’t help. I mentioned this to a different pastor I met, and he offered 21 days of fasting and prayer, but it didn’t help “.

He continued by describing his level of addiction “I could have taken a week off, but when I return, I finish everything I couldn’t finish in that week. Even when I tried to be delivered, it didn’t work. I did that for roughly five years. On one occasion, my father discovered me in the act, and he severely beat me “.

The singer of “Yesu” claims that he was only able to kick the habit after really praying one fateful day just before he was going to masturbate once more.

“I walked to the bathroom and prepared to use the soap when the impulse to feel regret struck. At that time, I honestly prayed to God, saying, “You know I fasted and even prayed for deliverance, but nothing has worked, so if you don’t save me, nothing can stop me,” “said he.

“Even though all the windows were closed, I felt a powerful breeze enter the room after the prayer. As it went through me, I felt something leave my body. After that, I started to make sense “said he.

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