Michael Jackson’s ex-wife finally breaks silence on his death

Ex-wife of Michael Jackson broke down in tears as she admitted she feels somewhat responsible for the singer’s passing.

Debbie Rowe, 63, sobbed as she said that she wishes she had assisted Jackson more when he developed a painkiller addiction.

I should have done something, but I didn’t, Debbie claimed in a recent heartbreaking interview for a documentary.

She admitted that she was somehow involved in the “TMZ inquiry, Who Really Killed Michael Jackson” because “there are a lot of individuals who died from addictions.”

At the time of Jackson’s death in June 2009 at the age of 50 from a drug-induced cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home, his personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, was imprisoned for involuntary manslaughter.

Rowe, an American nurse, had a covert wedding to Jackson in Sydney, Australia, in 1996. She carried the singer’s two oldest children, Prince and Paris, through surrogacy. Three years later, in 1999, they got divorced.

Rowe met Jackson 15 years prior to their marriage while he was receiving treatment for his skin problem from Beverley Hills dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, who passed away in 2015. Jackson was being treated for his skin issue at the time.

Klein would administer heavy painkillers and wrinkle-filling medications like Botox and Restylane to Jackson and other patients.

“I was basically as horrible as him [Klein] and I am so ashamed I participated in it,” Rowe admitted in the new documentary.

According to those familiar with the case, more people than only Dr. Murray should have been held accountable for allowing Jackson to develop the amount of drug dependence he did before his death.

Dr. Murray described his experience in prison as “shattering” in another segment of the video. He had been devastated by grief and pain following Michael’s passing and his own trial.

Though he feels it was “not right” that he personally bore so much of the guilt for the legend’s passing, Dr. Murray told the documentary, “I will always love Michael.” Despite this, he added, “I will always be in love with Michael.”

The 69-year-old cardiac surgeon started working for Jackson in 2006. He was freed from prison in 2013 after serving half of a four-year term for involuntary manslaughter.

On the night of Jackson’s passing, at his leased home in Holmy Hills, Los Angeles, he had given Jackson a variety of medications to help him sleep.

Due to Michael Jackson’s severe and persistent dependence on anesthetic medicines like propofol, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Orlando Martinez has now acknowledged that it is “remarkable” that he did not die sooner.

Who Honestly Killed Michael Jackson?, a TMZ investigation, he said: “I really do believe that this tragedy was inevitable.”

Michael was going to achieve his goals. And if you refused, he would find someone else to carry out his request.

There are numerous people at fault for his death who have never faced justice.

The LAPD investigator added that because Michael Jackson saw numerous doctors, each of whom gave him a prescription, he frequently accumulated a huge amount of medication rather than taking it in little quantities.

He also says in the documentary that it didn’t seem fair that Dr. Murray received sole responsibility for the pop star’s passing, but he also acknowledges that it was very challenging to establish other parties’ guilt during the legal proceedings.

He claimed that because they were unwilling to become engaged, it was difficult to even get other medical specialists to contribute to the case at the time.

Dr. Murray was given the maximum sentence of four years in jail after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in February 2011.

Murray (seen in the picture) received a four-year prison term for willful homicide.
Dr. Murray has now disclosed that he thinks the other doctors who prescribed medicines to Michael throughout the years were complicit in his death after serving time in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

He further alleged that the singer “manipulated” him and that he never disclosed to him that he had a drug problem before to becoming his doctor.

Michael retained a personal supply of the pills, but he didn’t realize this until after he moved to Los Angeles to assist him in getting ready for his This Is It return tour.

Jackson’s doctor had previously claimed that his 5’11” stature had lost a little more than nine stone, that he was experiencing chills, insomnia, and mood swings, and that he was dependent on the prescription sleep aid propofol.

Just days before Jackson died on June 25, 2009, Murray claimed to have “weaned” the singer off the substance he referred to as “milk.”

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