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Men offer cash for sex when they see me selling – Street hawker

Abena Tiwaa, a young street vendor, has admitted that some men presume that her chewing gum sales are only a front for her “true business,” while others have made sexual attempts in her direction.

Abena talked about how some individuals complement her on her appearance and frequently encourage her to stop selling during an interview with DJ Nyaami on Daily Hustle. They urge Abena to sell her body for cash instead, but the young woman insists on earning her own money.

“Just before I met you (DJ Nyaami), I met a guy. He asked me if this is all I do for work and asked for my contact, but I told him that I didn’t have a phone. Some also tell me to stop selling this and offer GHS500 for sex.

“Only prostitutes can do it, so I can’t do it. I’m not a glutton. After selling the gum, I make GHS15 in profit, and I’m fine. I have enough money to buy food. So long as I’m not forced to steal,” she remarked.

Furthermore, Abena said that she would rather work than rely on men, even in relationships, because she thinks that the majority of men desire sex rather than partnership.

“They’ll bluff me into thinking they’ll take care of me and everything, but after the sex, they’ll avoid me. Isn’t it preferable to work and earn money rather than rely on a man? I don’t want to date right now because of this.

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