Medikal announces sex and smoking strike

The Ghanaian rapper claims that he has also forbidden himself from smoking and drinking because he wants uninterrupted time to work on his record. The rapper tweeted about these strikes.

The rapper, who is wed to the actress Fella Makafui, also said that because he is putting so much work into the record, he will refrain from having sex until it is out.

“Starting today, no smoking or drinking! I’m giving the Planning & Plotting CD all of my attention. Medikal expressed his gratitude in a post that was uploaded on his verified Twitter account. A worried admirer commented, “so e be the drink and weed wey make u speak “mea me dokono, mea m3hono” no ong?” in response to his news.

In response to his tweet, another user wrote: “As we no dey stick with u de3 boss, dawg. See how we fit? Do whatever inspires you to extend your service to your audience. We enjoy it.

As he continued, he remarked, “I could forgo having sex until this album drops sha. I’m giving this a lot of thought. Thanks”.

Medikal kept on speaking in what seemed to be random rants about other things that were significant to him. “Africans believe that paying for strippers is really rude, Ibi says. I’m merely aiding my sister’s enterprise.

“Being a stripper is the most descent job tbh. It’s better than being deceived by some fake pastors in disguise. My next life I might be a stripper cuz I go come as Abena or Akos. My stripper name go be Bada$$ Abena, like I go collect the Akata niggas for Yankee rough ! I go spoil every state, I go do tour all, stripper tour. Haha ” he tweeted.

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