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Man escapes prison by disguising himself as a woman

In the South American country of Paraguay, the news headlines have been dominated by “Gordito lindo” (Cute fatty), a convict who managed to escape jail by posing as a lady.


César Ortiz, the alleged head of the Rotela criminal group, walked from the main gate of Tacumb National Penitentiary on Sunday.

In exchange for his release, he was given the moniker “Gordito Lindo,” or “Cute fatty,” since he pretended to be a lady to trick the guards.

The convicted felon is shown wearing a long hair wig, artificial eyelashes, lipstick, fake fingernails, and women’s attire in photos and video evidence provided by Paraguayan police.

His disguise made such an effect on the people that he earned the moniker “Gordito Lindo.”

After a conjugal visit, Ortiz attempted his daring escape. He strolled into the private room with a lady and walked out wearing an intricate feminine disguise that fooled guards at many checkpoints. He is seen escaping through the front door of the penitentiary with many suitcases and wearing a facemask in a video that has gone viral on the internet.

Despite the fact that Gordito Lindo’s jail break was probably easier than he had imagined, his freedom was short-lived, as he was apprehended by police only a few hours later. For security considerations, he has been taken into custody and will be transferred to another prison.

César Ortiz was serving a prison sentence of three years, nine months and twenty days for aggravated assault and robbery. His sentence has likely increased after Sunday’s incident.

The security officials on duty at Tacumb National Penitentiary’s main gate have already been suspended as part of an official investigation into how such a simple jail escape was even feasible.

This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted a daring prison break on Oddity Central. We reported about a slim guy who tried to escape out of jail by hiding in a suitcase and having his visiting lover carry him out a few years ago.

Then there was the father who pretended to be his adolescent daughter, and the Turkish man who assumed the identity of his identical twin brother.

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