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Man breaks hearts with emotional note before committing suicide

According to reports, Emmanuel Omole, a photojournalist, killed himself because he was unable to resolve the problems in his life.

According to a Facebook post by one of his friends, Emmanuel committed suicide after writing a mysterious statement of apology for his tragic choice.

The dead wrote on how, despite trying everything to succeed in life, he felt like a failure.

He claimed that despite having to maintain an air of normalcy while going through personal struggles that he was unable to even disclose to others.

“I have been surrounded by people who have honestly thought that I was okay, but I haven’t been okay for a while. I really fight some battles that I can’t even open up to people close to me but I guess it is bigger than me, now it is winning the battle over me,” a portion of the suicide letter read.

He pushed his family members to express their emotions and seek aid whenever necessary before it was too late.

He apologized to his mother for hurting her feelings and assured her that he is at peace.

Those who knew Emmanuel have expressed their sorrow and regret for not seeing his problems on social media in response to Emmanuel’s death, which has struck a deep emotional chord in their hearts.

suicide note below:

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