Man arrested for threatening to crash plane into supermarket

Local sheriffs have detained a hijacker of a jet who allegedly threatened to fly into a supermarket below after posting a farewell message on his Facebook page.

In Tupelo, northeast Mississippi, Walmart and a car dealership were evacuated with the help of police and other emergency services due to concerns that the jet would crash into the earth.

A spokesman for the Tupelo Police Department (TPD) had earlier issued a warning that the unidentified hijacker may have intended to deliberately crash the small plane into the normally bustling supermarket because the flight route showed the plane flying in circles.

According to a government source, the plane ultimately touched down in a neighboring field after several hours of flight, and the pilot was taken into custody.

According to reports, the suspect, whose identity as Cory Patterson has only been locally confirmed, wrote on his Facebook page: “Sorry everyone. Never really intended to cause harm to anyone.

“This isn’t your fault; I adore my parents and sister. Goodbye.”

A spokeswoman for the Tupelo Police Department had earlier stated: “At around 5 am, TPD received a report that a pilot of an aircraft—possibly a King Air—was flying over Tupelo.

The pilot is threatening to deliberately crash into WalMart on West Main and has made contact with E911.

“Until the area is declared clear, residents are urged to stay away. The risk zone is much larger than Tupelo thanks to the kind of aircraft’s mobility.

“TPD has collaborated with Dodges on West Main and WalMart West to evacuate the stores and disperse customers as much as possible. TPD has also been able to start a direct conversation with the pilot.

“At this time, TPD and other emergency services in our region are on alert since the issue is still occurring.

“Until the location is given the all-clear, residents are requested to stay away. The risk zone is much larger than Tupelo thanks to the kind of airplane’s mobility.

They said that the pilot threatened to deliberately crash into West Main’s Wal-Mart by dialing 911.

The jet can be seen flying erratically and in loops above houses and businesses in a video that was released on Twitter.

We currently have a 29-year-old who stole this jet and is threatening to crash it into something, according to the Twitter user who provided a video of the plane.

According to Flight Aware, the plane is a Southeast Aviation LLC-owned Beechcraft King Aire 90.

They stated that the King Air’s speed was 206 mph and its height was 1,100 feet.

Police, ambulances, and fire vehicles were all over the place, the user stated.

I woke up to learn that a jet had been flying over my dad’s neighborhood in Tupelo and had threatened to crash into their Walmart, according to another Twitter user. has been ongoing since 5 a.m.

Tate Reeves, the governor of Mississippi, stated that emergency personnel and law enforcement are “closely tracking this dangerous scenario.”

I’ve never seen anything like this in this town, said Leslie Criss, a magazine editor in Tupelo.

“Waking up like that on a Saturday morning is unsettling.”

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