Make fees reasonable and you will make more money – Michael Blackson tackles GRA

This time, the comedian who previously went on a protracted Twitter rant against Ghana’s processing of customs payments is back to give them tips on how to increase their income.

The comedian encouraged the Ghana Shippers Authority to take action in response to complaints about the high cost of importing goods into the country.

Blackson told a personal tale and discussed the high costs he had to pay to import some goods from the US to Ghana.

Michael explained in a new set of Tweets how he recently spoke with a representative from the Ghana Revenue Authority to find out why the costs were so expensive and was astounded by the items they added up to determine the fees.

The worst aspect of it all, he continued, is what happens if you don’t pay that price. He claims that the items you own are sold at an auction for less money than they originally wanted you to pay.

The comic added that people begin to look for shortcuts when costs are high, which is how scams and “Kalabuley” first appeared.

He continued by saying that although the nation needs the money to pay for necessities, the exorbitant rates make it impossible for them to earn more money since individuals would always find a less expensive way to complete tasks.

Michael continued by saying that because many individuals move their cars through Togo to avoid paying high rates, Ghana appears to be losing a lot of money as a result of the high customs charge.

He claims that because businessmen overcharge the goods and services they import into the nation, which he considers unfair, the locals end up bearing the cost of the government’s policies.

The more costs are charged, the less things will be delivered correctly, which will hurt Ghana’s finances, he claimed.

He also suggested that the GRA should speak with the person who came up with such outrageous costs and make a change.

He continued, “Perhaps it’s time you talk to whoever thought up those outrageous fees and make a change.

Over the past week, Michael Blackson has criticized the GRA for levying excessive duties.

The comedian claimed that the cost of importing goods into the country unfairly burdened the average Ghanaian.

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