LilWin makes shocking revelation about why, how he runs his school as charity project

The Great Minds International School, a private elementary school in Kumasi, Ghana’s Ashanti Region, is owned by the Ghanaian actor. The school’s enrollment has reached 1,000 students since it opened roughly three years ago.

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During an interview on TV3 with Giovani Caleb, LilWin was asked how many cars he had. He responded, “I don’t really have cars, I have school cars, which is roughly 10 school buses.”

However, LilWin claims that the past two months have been challenging for him due to rising fuel prices. “God saved me; otherwise, I would have stopped. I’ve been paying more than Ghc6,000 for the past two months to fill one bus four times per week “he explained.

LilWin explained this “It only lasts through Friday. On Thursday, it comes to an end. Therefore, I spend about Ghc20,000 on fuel each week. Because there are ten cars and three large buses, each of which costs between 3,500 and 4,500 GHC. However, it is almost GHC 6,000 currently.

Regarding difficulty, he stated, “Don’t get irritated if someone tells you they are having financial problems. They are the ones that are in this predicament. Your issues change if you only have one child. Another has a distinct set of issues and has four kids.

When asked why he started the school and ran it like a nonprofit, he explained that he didn’t have the opportunity to attend college and now wants to help others do the same.

“I liked school but it was not helping me, I wasn’t intelligent so I was always repeated. I quit at class 6. I have never passed an examination before. So I did it for posterity so that Ghanaians will remember me” he said in Twi.

He said further that “since I will be the only person living in my magnificent house when I finally build it. I said let me start a school to honor God because if I purchase a great car, I’ll be the one driving it. So instead of taking the additional GH3000 or GH4000 for school expenses, I take GH100, GH150 occasionally, and GH2000 other times. I have to ensure others go since I was unable to do so “.

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