Liha Miller sets records straight on divorce with Patapaa

Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller, has resisted reports that they are no longer married.

Liha says she was taken aback when the rumors started circulating on social media since she hadn’t expected something like this to happen.
Even if the claims were genuine, she felt it should have come to her first, rather than her finding out about it on social media.


There were reports circulating a few weeks ago that the pair had split up after marrying in a ceremonial ceremony in January 2021 and having a son together.

In a post attempting to corroborate the rumors, the singer blamed blogger Zionfelix for the outcome.

“I don’t want to see my wife again because of this person,” he is believed to have stated. He is the source of contention between my wife and me.”

In an interview, Liha clarified that every marriage has its own troubles, and theirs may be no different.

“The fact that I don’t always wear my ring doesn’t imply we’re divorced, and even if our marriage is rocky, nobody but us and our parents has the right to talk about it and offer advice for us,” Liha told Zionfelix in an interview.

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