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Liha Miller, Patapaa’s wife: Going to the club doesn’t make me a ‘bad’ wife

Liha Miller finds it soothing to let her hair down in a room full of people blaring music. People were surprised, and some were horrified, that she frequented clubs as a married woman, she confessed. Patapaa’s wife feels that this pastime may have sparked the famed ‘divorce’ rumors.

“I hear a lot of stories. Liha, you are married, and you are going to the club. Am I spending your money to go to the club? Am I hurting anyone? I’m spending my own money to go out. So if anyone wants to talk about it, it can only be my parents, Patapaa or Patapaa’s parents.

“It doesn’t mean that because I go to the club, I’m worse than the person who goes to church. Even when I go to the club, I see other married people too. That doesn’t mean the person is not married or they are bad people.”

Liha Miller discussed her love for content production and how she is gently but steadily invading the Nigerian skit business. She clarified that just because people see footage of her not wearing her ring doesn’t mean her marriage to Patapaa is over.

“Like when I’m doing TikTok, you might only see my fingers on a specific area.” It doesn’t imply I’m no longer married to the person if I take off this ring right now. There are issues in every marriage. Every relationship has its ups and downs… However, you cannot claim that the person is not married because they are now filming a movie and have removed the ring. This isn’t the case. Some people are even married yet don’t wear rings… As I already stated,

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