Lemonade Finance presents Dr Likee in “Wo bεka nukrε”

Along with John Dumelo, Deloris Frimpong Manso, and Dr. Likee, Lemonade Finance announced Dr. Likee as a brand ambassador on October 14, 2022. Now, Lemonade Finance is proud to introduce “Wo bka nukrone “‘s and only “Ras Nene.” A first in a string of commercials from the business.


Dr. Likee continues to be himself, bringing humor and joy to his audience. He enters this Chop Bar with the intention of eating and winning Naomi over with his quick wit and casual demeanor.

Warning: This sentence contains a spoiler. Lemonade Finance makes it possible for his Borga to arrive. The commercial can be seen here:

The online community manager for Lemonade Finance, Dolapo Omotoso, who has swiftly grown to be Dr. Likee’s biggest admirer inside the company, had this to say about the advertisement and working with his team.

“It has been fascinating to witness how Dr. Likee and his staff have embraced realizing our vision in their own special way; he really is a fan favorite.”

You may get Lemonade Finance by clicking the links below. Customers who join up using the promo code DRLIKEE will receive a $10, £10, or C$10 refund when they send over $100 USD, £100 GBP, or C$100 CAD to someone in Ghana or any of our other supported African nations.

The Lemonade Finance website now has a new look, greater functionality, more details, and a specific page for Ghana in addition to this series of advertisements.

Concerning Lemonade Finance

To make it simple for Africans to send and receive money from home, Lemonade Finance was established.

Ghanaians in the UK, USA, and Canada can use Lemonade Finance to send money to bank and mobile money accounts at the best rates, immediately, and with no fees.

Thousands of African Americans, Canadians, and Britons use the Lemonade Finance app to send money to Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and seven other African nations.

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