Lady confesses: was sexually abused by a fetish priest in my quest to end spiritual attachment (Listen}

On “Ewiase mu nsem” on Nhyira FM, a 24-year-old woman shocked the audience when she described how a fetish priest who was meant to exorcise a ghost she thought was sleeping with her instead sexually assaulted her.

The woman, whose identity has been concealed, claimed to be having what she thought to be spiritually intimate experiences with presenter Kofi Gyimah Ankoanah.

She claimed that although the experiences, which she described as sexual dreams, began when she was in primary school, they got worse when she reached senior high school.

The 24-year-old woman described the nightmares as being frequently visited by a tall, mysterious guy who had spiritual intercourse with her in her dreams.

Some of the spiritual encounters, she confessed, took place throughout the day.

She related a specific incident in which one of her teachers—whom she characterized as being spiritually inclined—noticed it and notified her parents.

She claims that while her mother took her to the hospital because she was a little apprehensive, the therapies had no effect.

They got in touch with this fetish priest, who was respected by the family in Ahafo Kukuom in the Ahafo Region, in order to help her solve the problem.

In the interview with Kofi Gyimah Ankoanah, she described what transpired after that.

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