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Lady claims they only ask for ‘Momo’ from guys they don’t love

According to a young entrepreneur named Dora Bamfo, women only ask for money from men they do not love but are highly understanding and considerate of the ones they do.

She said in an interview with SVTV Africa that it is difficult for women to ask for money from men they love since they are aware of their hustling and consider their future together. She admitted that she could never date a man who was unemployed.

“A lady will never make such demands of a committed partner, I always say. We all know that guys endure suffering in order to make money, therefore if I love you, I won’t bring that to you.

“Girls do that when they see the guys are persistent and would give them all she demands,” a man said. When a woman meets an older man, she is aware that their relationship won’t last. So she will want rent, hair, and everything else,” she revealed.

She was asked if she would consider dating a jobless man, and she said no. She said that a man with a business might be OK.

We are unable to date, I apologize. I won’t be able to support either one, either. I’ve saw it occur. The woman takes care of him, and when he eventually succeeds, he claims that the woman is not on par with him.

She said, “I know that some women also treat guys that way, but I have made up my mind not to date an unemployed man.

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