Kwesi Arthur says music producers in Ghana should be paid fairly.

Kwesi Arthur, a versatile Ghanaian artist, believes that music producers in the country should be well compensated because the amounts they are paid are insufficient.

The rapper and singer, who just released the album “Son of Jacob,” told pulse.com.gh that producers deserve more than they earn from their labor.

“I believe there is more that can be done. The majority of producers get paid a certain sum and that is it. They don’t receive any royalties or compensation, and the amount they are paid is inadequate.”

When he looks at what happens behind the scenes, he notices that the artists and record labels are the ones who benefit the most from the songs.

“I believe there might be more done to appropriately pay our producers and keep them working.” I see some of what goes on behind the scenes, and most of the time, the artists are the ones that receive the majority of the revenue or the label. Producers should be compensated as well.”

Kwesi Arthur praised the producers that helped him finish his debut studio album. Their efforts were “essential” to him, and the project would not have been possible without them.

Producers have long complained about the music industry’s apparent disregard for their input.

Wei Ye Oteng, a prominent music producer, bemoaned the salaries producers receive for their labor in an interview on Hitz Fm last month, calling them as ridiculous.

“Sometimes the fees that our country’s artists want to pay for that quality, oh my God, it’s ridiculous… It’s a pity.”

“The majority of musicians in this nation underpay their engineers.”

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