Kwaw Kese laments 20 years of doing music without royalties

The rapper used Twitter to bemoan the situation of the music industry in the nation and highlight how challenging it is for artists to gain exposure as the sole financiers of their art forms.

“I’ve performed music in Ghana for 20 years, but I’ve never received any royalties. Paying Djs to play your music, TV to display your videos, bloggers to blog your stuff, and press media to give you coverage is preferable. How are you going to make it in this business paying for everything yourself? He tweeted on December 15th.

The founder of Madtime Entertainment then contrasted music production in his native nation to that done “elsewhere,” where a friend “produced one song for a performer and has made over 2 million dollars,” in a subsequent tweet.

He complained, “Down here, you only get compensated with insults and disdain.” Release a song today, and people will be asking you when you’re releasing new music tomorrow.

“Over 2 million dollars have been earned by my pal who created one song for an artist somewhere else. You only receive respect and insults down here,” he said.

Release a song today, and people will be asking you when you’re releasing new music tomorrow, he continued. If you don’t release a song for a year, people will say that your time has passed. When a song is released, critics will claim it isn’t a hit.

The majority of his industry colleagues are now “broke,” Kwaw Kese continues, adding that the situation is the similar for them all.

“I wager that many of our musicians are unpaid, but under social media pressure, they choose to grin online while sobbing in private. He continued, “More people are broke.

As members of a collection society, the owners of the copyright to a song are paid through music royalties for the usage of their original works.

For years on end, the problem of music royalties has occupied a lot of Ghanaian musicians’ minds.

Musicians in the nation are plagued by the inefficient processes and structures controlling intellectual property.

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