Kwabena Agyapong to contest in NPP’s flagbearership race

Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, the former general secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is lacing up his boots to run for the role of flagbearer for the party in the general election of 2024.

Given the NPP’s political beliefs, he claims that his desire to lead the party and run for president is motivated by a devotion to humanity.

“I want to be clear today. I would submit my nomination as soon as the party permits it for the party’s flagbearer, he declared.

Mr. Agyapong, who has previously run for the NPP flagbearer position, thinks party members should not overlook his extensive and devoted service to the NPP since it qualifies him for the job at hand.

“The party has guidelines, so we don’t need to act prematurely. When the time comes, you will be able to feel the youth’s warmth because my message speaks to them. Because I have worked with every member of this party’s leadership, they recognize in me the potential of our political tradition.

In 2015, Mr. Agyapong was suspended for misbehavior together with the former national chairman of the party, Paul Afoko, and a former national vice chairman, Sammy Crabbe.

Six years later, however, the suspension was removed following a lengthy National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.

According to the party’s constitution, his membership in the NEC, Steering Committee, and National Council was reinstated after the suspension was lifted.

Today, he claims that because of everything he has been through, he “feels the pulse of the people of this country and has empathy.

On the Point of View on Citi TV on Wednesday, Mr. Agyapong added, “I have witnessed the everyday trajectory of the Ghanaian people and I think that there is an opportunity to change that narrative.”

The party’s constitution’s Article 3(d), which mandates that members support the party’s decisions, was deemed to have been broken by the former General Secretary.

Additionally, “unilateral actions and activities without consultation with or requesting authorization from the NEC” were charged against him.

Mr. Agyapong helped further President Akufo-political Addo’s goal despite being suspended.

Despite being disappointed by the judgment made against him, he is ready to use his wealth of knowledge to help the party break the eight.

He plans to accomplish this by providing the favorable climate required to mobilize the required support.

“We need peace to reenergize our party’s base and the excitement of our grassroots, run for office, and win. I think our party has a lot more core members, but we also need to engage the independents.

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