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“KumePreko Demo”: We Won’t tolerate any act of violence – Organisers

The “KumePreko” demonstration’s organizers have warned participants from engaging in any behavior that may undermine the demonstration’s purpose today, Saturday, November 5.

The organizers said that they would not tolerate any form of violence and issued a warning that they would arrest and turn over to law authorities any individual or group of individuals discovered indulging in such behavior.

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Nii Ayi Opare, a spokesperson for the Economic Fighters League and one of the organizers of the “Kume Preko” demo, assured reporters at a news conference in Accra on Friday that the protest would be peaceful.

The rally is intended, among other things, to express discontent with the current economic situation and to call for the resignation of the Government leadership.

According to Nii Opare, the organizers had informed the police in accordance with the Public Order Act and had also decided on the routes for the demonstrations.

“Today’s march will be peaceful, and I want to state for the record that Ghanaian young respect the law and value peace. The three main demonstrations organized under the slogan “repair the country” are easily seen. All three of the incidents we’ve had so far were calm and without any involvement from the police.

He warned the few individuals who intended to use the rally to stir up trouble or indulge in any form of violence, saying, “This is not the place for you. In fact, you will be rooted out by your own and turned over immediately to the State institutions to take right action against you.”

Nii Opare provided specifics of the planned march route, stating that the demonstrators will gather at the Obra Spot at Kwame Nkrumah Circle at 7:00 a.m., march through the 28th February Road to Farisco Junction, and then march down the Liberia Road to Independence Square.

The action, according to Mr. Martin Kpebu, the lead organizer, was required because of the nation’s extraordinary economic difficulty right now.

It is evident to you—I’m referring to the daily struggles we all face—that the economy of this nation is in shambles. As a result of President Akufo-careless Addo’s borrowing and other mismanagement, we are sinking into a deep pit.

We are perishing. Because of President Akufo-poor Addo’s governance, citizens are starving, dying, and cannot afford food, he claimed.

He urged the government’s top officials to step down, emphasizing that the President and his Vice should leave their positions due to the ongoing economic difficulties.

“We can’t continue to have this family and friends business. We can’t afford it, not when citizens are dying over 50 pesewas. Now the price of koko has moved from one cedi to three cedis, boflot from one cedi to two cedis, a gallon of oil from GHS500 to GHS1200, and so on and so forth. “Cement, yes before I forget GHS96 , how on earth? What have we done to deserve this, people of Ghana?”

What have we done to merit this, exactly? Why? Should we let this go on as it is now? We are at our breaking point. This cannot continue for the foreseeable future. According to Mr. Kpebu, President Akufo-Addo and Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia are the root of the issue and they need to go.

No protester should ever be armed, Mr. Adib Saani, a Security Analyst and part of the organizers, said.

He also asked people to follow the protest’s predetermined paths and steer clear of altercations with security personnel.

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