Kumawood actress: How a lesbian movie role nearly ended my career

Esther Donkor, better known by her stage as Esi Guy Guy, a Kumawood actor who is twenty-eight years old, has expressed regret after portraying a lesbian in a film.

You might remember a video that went viral in 2018 showing a woman pleading with a friend of hers at work not to leave their relationship by promising to fulfill all of her wants.

The aforementioned video served as a promo for a film in which Esther Donkor starred.

The well-known Kumawood actress admitted in an interview that the film’s trailer nearly put an end to her career and damaged her well-earned reputation.

“The lesbian video was purposefully made to promote a film we were making, but I later realized that the video went viral and took over trends that we had anticipated.

“Most Ghanaians who watched the video labeled me as a lesbian, and I received criticism on social media. After seeing the video, some of my pals decided to break up with me,” she lamented.

When the video went viral, Esi Guy Guy said, “I received numerous propositions from lesbians on social media, but I took my time to counsel and encourage them to stop from that impious deed.

Despite the fact that the lesbian film that went viral nearly put an end to her career, she said, “I’m delighted that I was able to change some lesbians and I think the aim of the video was achieved.”

“I regret making that video because when I released it, I discovered that people were criticizing me. When they saw the video, some family members ripped into me.

“Before I went to shoot that video, I asked certain family members and friends for their recommendations. They supported me in doing that. Whatever opportunity a lesbian brings to the table, I will never be a lesbian.

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