Kuami Eugene wants to leave Lynx and I support him’ – A Plus (VIDEO)

A Plus is bringing attention to an alleged problem at Lynx Entertainment. The ‘Angela’ hitmaker has reportedly asked to quit his record company, which is unsettling the Lynx camp, according to the magazine A Plus.

A Plus remarked on United Showbiz last night, “I have some intelligence, I have knowledge that there is some unsettling quiet between Kuami Eugene and his record company, that’s the information I have.

A Plus claims that he backs Kuami Eugene’s decision and does not want anyone to obstruct him if he is successful in ending his contract with the Richie Mensah-owned record company.

“It is a very wise choice since no one should ever claim that they would perish in their current location. Everyone should aim to reach greater heights, and I encourage those who do. However, we don’t want somebody to claim that because he isn’t a male, his songs shouldn’t be played,” A Plus stated.

He highlighted that he did not want anyone to destroy him and ruin his skill as a panelist on UTV’s Saturday night show. “I don’t want to hear afterwards that Kuami Eugene doesn’t have skill, he has everything,” said the speaker, “if Kuami Eugene wants to leave or whatever I heard.”

“If it is true that he wants to depart before he transfers from lynx, he should have a team that is ready to push him exactly like Lynx is doing,” A Plus stated in the video below while advising Kuami Eugene on his future course of action.

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