King Promise: I’m not bothered about not winning awards; after all my music is always trending

Born Gregory Bortey Newman, better known in the entertainment world as King Promise, a Ghanaian highlife, R&B, and Afrobeats musician, didn’t appear bothered by the fact that his efforts went unrewarded.

He claims that since receiving his most recent award in 2019, he isn’t bothered.

The “Ginger” playwright claimed that some industry players aren’t happy with him, which is why they haven’t given him an award during a chat with Deloris Frimpong Manso, commonly known as “Delay,” on her Delay show, which Modernghana News watched.

The most essential thing to him, however, is that his music continues to be relevant despite all of these.

“I’ve heard tales like, ‘They are teaching him a lesson because he feels he’s too good for the business. That’s not the case, though. I am a true Ghanaian, as I already stated. And everything I do for the rest of the world represents Ghana through me.

“That’s not like it worries me, but when I wake up the morning after the awards, it’s me who is trending, not even their awards,” the speaker said. Then I realize that my admirers are not pleased. And I’m bothered by that one,” he added.

“Why is everyone talking about it,” he continues. Everyone knows I deserve it, so why not?”

With several international nominations, he feels he has gone above and beyond what any other musician should have done to be recognized locally and internationally.

It appears that in order to meet the requirements, you must have your own concert and CD. I have a successful record and Promise Land. However, they didn’t. They nominated me when I didn’t have an album. So I ask, “Where’s the issue?”  “What is actually happening?  He questioned,

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