King Promise: Ghana is now very expensive, no one can lie about this (video)

When the Ghanaian musician said that the cost of several items he buys has doubled over the previous six months, he spoke out about the struggles that Ghanaians face. On the Okay FM radio station in Accra, King Promise was giving a speech.

No one can lie, Ghana is expensive, he declared. The “Ginger” singer added his expertise, stating that “things I used to pay for like maybe 12, 000, 13, 000, and 14,000 now is like 24,000.” In less than six months, it is incomprehensible.

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King Promise joins a long line of Ghanaian celebrities—including Yvonne Nelson, Berla Mundi, and Mzvee—who have spoken out against the country’s intolerable economic suffering.

Mzvee stated in an exclusive interview with pulse.com.gh “In Ghana, suffering has undoubtedly worsened. Since the ongoing conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, Ghana has been among the top 5 nations “.

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She states that “everything has been increased” and adds that compared to a few years ago, the cost of fuel for her automobile has jumped by more than 100%.

It’s difficult in Ghana, she admitted, “I used to fill my tank for approximately GH300, but now I fill it for close to GH700.” MzVee stated, “I don’t have a positive take on E-Levy because I feel like it’s a double taxing situation,” when asked about the recently implemented electronic levy.

Speaking on other national concerns, MzVee said it would be better for the government to concentrate on resolving the basic problems the nation is experiencing before constructing a cathedral.


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