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Juliet Ibrahim reveals how her ex-boyfriend camped and raped her on a daily basis.

Juliet Ibrahim has said that a man she was seeing camped her and raped her.

Despite her repeated requests for her then-boyfriend to stop, the actress claims that he continues to push his way into her bed. “I kept yelling no, stop it, stop it,” he said, “but he’ll make me do anything he wants.”

She further narrated that this said boyfriend will rather be smiling and saying “don’t worry, and you are kissing whilst I am crying that means you are a rapist”.

This terrifying anecdote was told by a mother of one while speaking on the ‘With Chude’ TV show. “I had to quit that relationship,” she said to the show’s presenter. She added, “I battled my way out of that relationship because he even locked me up in the house.”

“He kept me up in the home for a few days until my sister Sonia arrived to get me,” she stated in an excerpt of the interview viewed by According to Juliet, Safo Kantanka Jnr’s ex-fiancée, she was afraid of him since he was tall and hefty.

“I was terrified because I didn’t know what to do; this guy was massive, taller than me, and I couldn’t imagine someone like him pinning you down. He has the ability to lift me up and pin me against a wall. You’re up against a brick wall and can’t do anything, “recounted the actress.

She went on to say in the video below that the rape happened every day. “It was every day, and I wasn’t happy, and you could tell that I wasn’t happy, but it was every day.” He wanted to do something every day, and that something was rape.”

Juliet Ibrahim, on the other hand, did not reveal the identity of her ex-boyfriend. She took use of the opportunity to warn women to speak out against such coercive sexual encounters, even if it came from their husbands.

“In those kinds of cases you can not even explain, who do you go and tell? Who is going to come and fight for you? At that time you are naïve but ladies you can report it now, go and report. if your husband is forcing you to do when you are not in the mood, it is rape”.

In the video below, you can hear more from her.

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