Jose Mourinho stars in new Stormzy video

The collaboration between Stormzy and Jose Mourinho is exactly what we needed.

On Thursday, the London rapper uploaded a video to YouTube for his brand-new song, “Mel Made Me Do It,” in which Portuguese coach Mourinho makes a guest appearance.

The singer delivers the line: “They love to talk about the old days, the men are old like ‘Annie, are you OK?’, I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose.” The former manager of Manchester United and Chelsea makes a brief cameo appearance with Stormzy and his team.

One of Mourinho’s most well-known statements is followed by audio: “I actually prefer not to speak. Speaking would put me in serious trouble.

The video is jam-packed with famous people, including TV actors Jonathan Ross and Louis Theroux, as well as other musicians including Dave, JME, and Little Simz.

Usain Bolt, an eight-time gold medalist at the Olympics, Dina Asher-Smith of Great Britain, and BBC football analyst Ian Wright also make cameo appearances.

However, it goes without saying that Mourinho’s spotlight moment is “unique.” The Roma manager has always been a prominent figure in the game, but ever since he started using Instagram, he has also developed into a small social media celebrity.

On Thursday, the 59-year-old said on Instagram with a photo of himself and Stormzy, “Was great joy performing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music video.”

Big supporter of Manchester United is Stormzy. We wonder what he told Mourinho about his time working for the team.

There are numerous sports allusions in the song, including acknowledgments of NBA star Kyrie Irving.

“Why would I answer him? According to Stormzy, I left him hanging like Kyrie on the hoop.

The striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a former Arsenal and current Chelsea player, is also mentioned.

“I’m Aubameyang, and for eight figures, I’m gleaming in my flesh. I go and sign the ting.”

When Stormzy raps, “I rhyme like I’m ill, linebacker, holding on the line like Khalil,” the NFL player Khalil Mack is featured.

The British sprinter Dwayne Chambers is also mentioned in a few of Stormzy’s lyrics.

Get to fighting like I’m not well-known, and start running around like Dwayne Chambers, he orders.

“I got tec’s like I’m Kylian, punch like I’m Dillian,” says British boxer Dillian Whyte, who also receives a namecheck.

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