Joe Frazier: I drank 14 bottles of iced kenkey after smoking weed for the first time

Famous Hiplife legend Joe Frazier, real name Andrew Agyen, has explained why he chose to abstain from marijuana during his musical career.

The Ghanaian rapper claims that he was once persuaded to smoke wee by his adolescent buddies, and as a result, he consumed 14 bottles of iced kenkey at a store nearby.

He admitted: “I’ve only ever tried using marijuana once, and after smoking, I drank a total of 14 bottles of iced kenkey. So ever since that time, I’ve promised not to attempt smoking marijuana again.”

Before he started making music, “I had a squad who were into drugs, so they encouraged me to simply attempt to pull a puff of the marijuana,” he recalled.

He said, “I had never smoked pee before at that point, so we were passing each other with the wee, and I wanted to show my pals that I’m also a male, so after 15 minutes I didn’t feel anything.

When we arrived to a store that sold iced kenkey, I drank a lot of bottles, so after counting I realized I had consumed 14, he said. “However, after 25 minutes I started laughing for over 30 minutes non-stop.

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